Recycling & Renewables

Recycling & Renewables

Our Goal is to increase the Renewable Capacity in the UK

Recycling & Renewables 

Our team has a number of years experience in both the recycling and renewable energy sector. 

We can help firms increase their recycling levels and work with the markets to obtain the best yeild for your material. 

We have established links within the UK for the following grades of material:

  • -RDF/SRF
  • -MSW
  • -Rigid Plastics
  • -Film Plastics
  • -Cardboard & Paper
  • -Wood


 Let us know if we can help with any of the following:

  • Project Management
  • Renewable Projects solutions
  • Feedstocks & Development Planning
  • Recycled Audit Trails 
  • Reprocessor material